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Cloud Workspaces

Greenclouds provides on-demand cloud workspaces, which allows working anytime, with any device, from anyplace. Employees have always access to their cloud workspace making use of their 3D or 2D application[s] of choice. The secure and neutral cloud environment with centralised data enables workers to collaborate more efficient and effective leading to improved results.

“Business users like to work flexible, and remotely from any place and device, while IT want to deliver these services in a secure, controlled and a compliant way”

Fully automated delivery of cloud workspaces

Greenclouds automates all aspects of deployment. These cloud workspaces are based on a secure and flexible cloud infrastructure, which contains the adequate power and combines this with your specific application[s].

Greenclouds is making use of proven practice with leading applications such as Autodesk, Bentley and Tekla, and is providing optimized configuration -and implementation based on multiple years of experience.

These applications come in all shapes and sizes – with varying needs in terms of CPU performance, storage performance and GPU performance. Greenclouds technology makes sure that the specific application performs at its best – deploying it to the most optimal infrastructure for that specific workload.

This allows IT to deliver cloud workspaces in a secure, controlled and a compliant manner to the business, allowing today’s distributed workforces to work flexible and remotely from any place and device.


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Flexible and scalable

The cloud environment delivers a fully automated delivery of cloud workspaces. New users can be up and running quickly, because of repetitive and fast deployment of new desktop images. You can scale up and down anytime.


The cloud workspace is offered on a price per minute basis. The pricing model is usage [consumption] and resource based, so you only pay for what you actually use.

Simplify IT

Enables IT to easily manage, deploy and control cloud workspaces centrally, which simplifies provisioning and troubleshooting. As a consequence, the centralized management of cloud workspaces reduces the operational expenses.